Finally, a new painting

GRACE UPON THE VISIT 20z20″ acrylic, crayon and Adrienne’s Australian Red oil paint

grace upon the visit site

I started this one while Adrienne was in another room in my studio working on her beautiful cacti watercolors. I was also working on 4 calligraphy jobs in my mind so couldn’t quite get this completed. Took me another week till I sent off those jobs…then I was FREE to finish it. Yesterday. Yes, a bit influenced in the end by a visitor in the studio….a first while I worked. So, thanks, Adrienne. Not only for that glazing color but for the visit.


4 thoughts on “Finally, a new painting

  1. thanks, Jenny/Virginia: That is a glazing of oil in a tube of Australian Red (looks WARM yellowish) that Adrienne brought me.

  2. Love the yellow too, first glimpse it was a bunch of wattle blossom from Australia, Adrienne’s presence may have carried our Australian joy into this painting. Thanks for the work you are all presenting on the blog and I also saw the exhibit in Brag on Thursday evening, so many thanks to all and enjoy the company of our fellow artists, I look forward to catching up on their return and sharing their stories and art.

  3. Thank you, Susan. Wattle blossoms…love it. But, alas…circles.

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