“Have you ever seen Sydney from a 747 at night?”

A line from the song Sydney from a 747 by Australian Paul Kelly. Humming the final line as I flew across America on Friday: ‘Me I’ve never seen Dallas from a DC9’.

I did see Dallas from the 737 though and landed into an East coast dusk over the ships and boats in the Chesapeake Bay to be met by new old friends from the WBHD1 project.

In the morning we strolled the streets of Annapolis and I oohed and aahed at the stunning buildings and cottages and street paving in this city dating back to the mid 1600’s. For an Australian immigrant that’s an eye bugging date.



After a hearty breakfast that involved a jalapeño waffle and lots of coffee, we set sail for more Easterly treats and crossed the Bay, heading to Chestertown.

We parked and wandered the streets for ages and my trusty guides pointed out significant architectural features (more oohing etc) and a whole new range of foreign plants waved at me from the parks and gardens.



Yummy details everywhere.

1726 people!

We eventually tore ourselves away to rehydrate and then headed back to Annapolis for it’s culinary institution: Crab Cakes! Wow, they’re pretty yummy too. What a day, Dog bless America 😀



2 thoughts on ““Have you ever seen Sydney from a 747 at night?”

  1. I love this. Chesapeak Bay has always seemed so romantic to me. Need to see it someday.

  2. Chestertown is another lovely spot on the Eastern Shore. I almost mentioned, but pointed you towards St. Michael’s and Tilghman Island instead. You would have gone through Centreville on your way, where my sister lived for many years until recently. All a lovely area.

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