DC One: the emu has landed

(Picture Album Paul Klee 1937 Oil on Canvas)
My Annapolis guides switched badges on Sunday and we 3 embarked on my Orientation ‘n Overload tour to set the tone for the next few days in Washington DC. First stop: Metro hop.

Which took us to the Phillips Collection near the beautiful DuPont Circle district. The Phillips proclaims self as ‘Americas first Museum of Modern Art’.
I really loved the scratching into oil in the Klee above as I’m using board for the first time here and grappling with how to paint on it (let’s call that temporarily failing). And this Klee on burlap with seemingly no gesso was gorgeous – Arab Song 1932.

All set amongst beautiful and decorative rooms.


Mr and Ms Guided introduced me to Arthur Dove who I enjoyed so much. Masterful greens and composition, I have a difficult friendship with greens and notice that I gravitate to photographing that palette. Interesting that this one is of water – Shore Front 1938.

And Senoré Gogh has no issue with greens in The Road Menders 1889 Oil on Canvas.

There is also a small room bedecked in fabulous Rothkos, so good I almost bought a Rothko coffee mug. Still time! But really it was time for food art with a Wild Rice fix at the American Indian Museum (okay, there may have been ‘fry bread’ too, but I stayed away from the Bison burger :-0 ).

Fueled, we set off in quest of De Kooning at the Hirshhorn Museum. The National Mall is lined with museums and they are peppered throughout the city. Feet start to drag by afternoon especially when the De Koonings proved elusive. So we paused and enjoyed some gun powder blasts on paper by Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang. Delicious sized paper too.


And some yellow Madonnas for Marlies…

Back out in the Mall we meandered (okay, let’s call that ‘staggered’) to the car past the original Smithsonian museum, now a visitors center that can help you understand that you can’t possibly see all the Smithsonians in one lifetime. There was nought to be done but to retreat to the store and buy comestibles for a night under the moon eclipse with friends. Memories locked in. Renoir will never be the same again CC.



3 thoughts on “DC One: the emu has landed

  1. I love this post. What a great time you have had over there, over there on our right coast. Bet Heather and Carey were pleased to spend time with you, too. Looks like a wonderful trip, worth the fly.

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