“In Gourd We Trust”

Not my line, but appropriated from a CNN news article 2 nights ago. This break in art museum posting has been brought to you by all things PUMPKIN!
The article reported the explosion of pumpkin product and paraphernalia as America approaches Halloween and Thanksgiving. Of note was the new term ‘pumpkin creep’ in reference to financial gains in the consumer market. Rival beer markets were squashed (come on!) by Pumpkin Beers’ “1500% gain in 10 years”. Perhaps they meant 15 fold? 😀

After the reporter interviewed a gentleman who’d formed a group protesting the consumption of pumpkin—whose decorative catch cry was “We don’t eat Christmas Trees so we shouldn’t eat pumpkin”—they also revealed that in the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte (developed in 2003 and alleged to have started the pumpkin flavored lifestyle choices we see today) there is “no trace of pumpkin”.
Now I know you’d like me to go on but never fear there will be more pumpkin breaks ahead. Meanwhile, I tricked you, here’s a perfectly hued and titled piece from the Smithsonian American Art Museum – Fermented Soil 1965 Hans Hoffman

Creamy pumpkin surfaces…

PS We Australians are mad for pumpkin food.


2 thoughts on ““In Gourd We Trust”

  1. I love pumpkin! The hue and the vegetable AND Hoffman’s painting. Wow. Any Kimura’s available for viewing? Are you ‘home’ now?

  2. Heeeee just stealing other people’s good lines 🙂 Such a fun day. The Phillips emailed back last week – alas no Kimuras on display. But the Klees were pretty special.

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