DC Two: Green backs, fronts and sides

Solo, double-shot, and mapped-up it was the day to wander Washington’s National Gallery of Art and Sculpture Garden. Strategic planning required.

Early French painting was calling though this 1939 Edward Hopper (Cape Cod Evening) stopped me in my tracks as I remembered last nights moon eclipse with friends and, later, noticed the lovely blue trees.

Butterfly! Puppy! Must push on to the French painters in the grand rooms of this building from 1869.

Yes but of course V.V.G. and his oil on canvas Self Portrait 1889, and nearby his Girl in White 1890 with divine surface textures. Not sure I’ve seen a Van Gogh female figure like this before and the painting guards are very tolerant of close-ups.


And here we are in greens again as I gather reference for my ‘difficult’ colour. Vincent again with The Olive Orchard 1889 and a beautifully greenwashed Roulin’s Baby 1888.


And a misty moment for Monet with Waterloo Bridge, London, at Dusk 1904. Some of this soft-green-seeking relates to a piece back in the home studio that I commenced with this palette in mind—but with little else in terms of direction—so it’s amazing to sit and study these colours and to be able to capture them on camera.

After several hours and multiple cafe trips it was time for air and a sojourn out to the sculpture garden. It’s a beautiful green space with plenty of benches and birds for recovery from museum fatigue.


Yes, love, art, and green space will save and restore us. And maybe wine. And museum gelato. And the occasional side of greens. Okay, and butterflies and puppies…



One thought on “DC Two: Green backs, fronts and sides

  1. wonderful pictures. Now, where are pix of Carey and Heather?

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