New York New York


1995 was the last time I hit the Big Apple, and now, 20 years later, here I was again being absolutely blown away by this amazing buzzing noisy city. These last five days were an absolute whirlwind of activities, re-discovering NY, hilarious moments and moments I will never forget.  To feel like a real New Yorker I rented an airbnb apartment in the East Village. It was small but very eclectic and my host was a scream. She couldn’t do enough for me.


Graffiti all over the place…

Luckily my friend Elizabeth spontaneously decided to join me in NY and the two of us were unstoppable.


Love those fire escapes…

On the first day we explored the East Village with its funky shops, millions of eateries and bars, coffee shops, small community gardens and some historic sites like the old CBGB (the birth place of Punk), now a fashion shop but inside all the old posters, graffiti on the walls were still preserved and incorporated in the design. Amazing!


The Joey Ramones wall….

On the second day we walked to Washington Square in Greenwich Village, then saw all there was to see at the Whitney Museum, walked the 1 mile long High Line (an old railway track made into a Parkland area) and then went through at least 20 small galleries in Chelsea. It was mind blowing to see the diverse art on display from dot paintings!!! to collage works. AMAZING, especially the price tags!!! On the way back we checked out the Chelsea Market.


along the High Line….



Sunday morning we went to a Gospel Service in Harlem. Oh my God! It was one of those moments I will never forget. We choose a church which wasn’t overrun by tourists and we had a very warm welcome by the congregation. The singing was amazing (it felt like being in a concert, imagine dancing in the church!) and the sermon by a lady minister from Brooklyn was so gripping, inspiring and exhausting, I hung on her every word. What a “performance” in public speaking. As you can imagine we were completely exhausted after three hours. Hallelujah! Afterwards we took the sub to the Bronx to the Botanical Gardens to visit the Frida Kahlo exhibition. What a treat. The greenhouses are amazing, not to mention the plants…..


at the Gospel Service….



Such a cool plant – spotted leaves 🙂

As if we had not walked enough that day we checked out Grand Central Station (loved it), Times Square with all the lights and from there walked back to the East Village. That was a loooong way to go but at the end of it my host Billie took us to an Argentinian Steakhouse for dinner. You may think, well that’s nothing special, but believe me, that evening was pretty special. The owner of the restaurant is a very good friend of my host (as her apartment is right next door) and was invited to cook for Pope Francis during his NY visit. So that story was pretty special. And whilst we were having dinner, Fidel Castro’s son Tony graced us with a visit. Well, I did shook his hand and my friend Elizabeth even managed to get her picture taken with him….and then Fidel’s grandson Raul turned up as well….what an evening.

The last two days were filled with a visit of Lady Liberty, a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, a walk through Central Park, hours at the MET, lots of Margaritas in preparation for Las Cruces, two theatre plays (both off Broadway and very good)…well, and guess what Phil and I might spend another 5 days in NY after my residency in Las Cruces. I just loved NY!!!!


View of NY’s skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge.

Did I mention, that I arrived safely in Las Cruces 😉



3 thoughts on “New York New York

  1. geezo, what a busy and fun time in NYCity! And the Castros…wowowowow. Welcome to NM!

  2. Not sure if I am more jealous of your NY visit or being in NM. Love the blogs

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