Cruces time

She in da house!
After a slightly bumpy intro with late planes and cars (snore) Catherine greeted Marlies at Unsettled Gallery and Studio with afternoon drinks and a tour of the exhibition.
Then there were mandatory Margaritas at the Double Eagle in Mesilla with DS as our designated chauffeur!

Such a beautiful building and we were the last to leave that night. Thanks Catherine and Dave for a fun intro.

Despite lack of sleep and acclimatization in play I dragged the gal out into the pre dawn (no dragging necessary really) to see the streets and cactus desert at first light. As predicted Marlies saw things I’d never seen before despite having walked it almost every day for 3 weeks.

And we saw things not there before. Halloween emerges.
And we cruised town in our zippy red car to give Marlies a tour of Mesquite St, Main Street and the art supply shop (yum), a computer repair shop (sniff) and fell exhausted Into a cantina for lunch.

Yesterday we visited Virginias stunning home and studio and had a great long talk over wine, learning so much more about her practice and approaches. Thanks Virginia, it was so lovely.

So many stunning pieces in and around their home.

Great jazz festival in Mesilla today, and an event at Unsettled Gallery and Studio this afternoon. Hope to see some of you there.


One thought on “Cruces time

  1. Thank you, Adrienne and Marlies, for taking the time to visit. I enjoyed the visit, and meeting you Marlies, and also getting to know you both a little better. See you again soon. V

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