Chihuahuas and Mickey Mouse Ears

Day 6 in Las Cruces…


“Grandpa’s Garden”

… and it feels I have been here forever! Since my arrival nearly a week ago it has been go go go. Our apartment and studio are amazing with lots of space and room to live and work in. I have met amazing artists and I was privileged to be invited to see their work and studios. I had moments when I was so overwhelmed by their talent (and I want to say genius) that I felt quite insignificant (then Adrienne tells me to snap out of it). I especially love Joshua Rose’s work. He does the most amazing collage works.

Las Cruces is a wide spread town with lots of Adobe buildings, malls, typical American, but then you turn around and look at these amazing mountains which change colour by the minute!


I also fell in love with Mesilla and its village atmosphere and beautiful buildings, great Margaritas and fantastic coffees. I must admit, I do miss the coffee culture of New York! As you have seen loads of pics from Adrienne already, I’ll post the things I am seeing:-)







I am so desperately want these boots, but unfortunately I haven’t got $600 US!!

It was quite hot when I arrived but with a fair bit of rain and hail! it has cooled down now.


First there was the rain….


which then turned into hail and our rental has lots of dents now 😦 but we are insured, so all good!

Still walking around with my camera taking loads of pics of Mickey Mouse ears and other cacti, found some great wall art and religious icons and the front yards and houses turn slowly into graveyards for Halloween. I let Adrienne blog about the amazing Halloween house we discovered down the road.


Definitely need yo go shopping here!


They do look like Micky Mouse ears!


In the last few days we have been wined and dined a lot, but also spent some time in the studio.





These are all still works in progress. I was very lucky that my fellow artists have collected supplied me with magazines, newspapers, stamps!!!, etc…

Adrienne gave a fantastic and inspiring talk at the university yesterday. We had 15 people attending which was apparently quite good for a lunchtime lecture and everyone who was there enjoyed it a lot. I was asked if I wanted to do one, too but after seeing how good Adrienne was I had to decline. There is no way I can pull that one off as good as Adrienne.


Who needs a laptop when you can draw your slides?

Tonight we went to a poetry reading by Glen Sorestad from Canada in one of the local artist/poets homes. It was my first poetry reading and I did enjoy it. We had a good crowd of at least 30 people of all ages.

As long as Adrienne is still here we have a car, so we will venture out in the next few days.  After that I have to put my walking boots on and make sure my fridge is well stocked up before she leaves 🙂

I started writing this blog at 9pm and now it’s an hour later and I am off to bed. Tomorrow I plan to walk to the studio (at least an hour), do some work, walk Diego Don’s dog and in the afternoon another studio visit. Let me tell you, it’s hard being on an artist in residence, I definitely need a bigger brain to take everything in, but I guess I can adapt as I have another 3 weeks to look forward to 🙂


See ya x


3 thoughts on “Chihuahuas and Mickey Mouse Ears

  1. All sounds fantastic, love the works in progress. Look forward to seeing them completed

  2. wow, Marlies (and AW), you two know more about southern NM/Las Cruces than I do! Great posts, all. Too much to take in….as I got home last eve from AZ and am still a bit tired. Certainly happily overwhelmed by your posts. Lovely. Thanks for sharing all of this. wow.

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