Walking the Streets

As the temperature has dropped remarkably since my arrival, I decided to walk to the studio yesterday and a walk is always a good opportunity to take some photographs. I wouldn’t want to do the walk every day as it does take one hour but there’s a good coffee at Becks at the end of it to look forward to!

On my walk I came across this cemetery full of colourful plastic flower decorations. Unfortunately, the gate was locked, but I managed to take some good shots through the fence. I guess this will be even more colourful during the Day of the Dead celebrations at the end of the month. I can’t wait and the best part, Phil will be here to experience it with me. I do miss my man! Right next to this cemetery was the old abandoned one. For some reason this had much more atmosphere than the new one – a typical graveyard with broken headstones and crosses. At night probably quite spooky.


Colour and more colour





desolate with a heavy sky…

In the studio some work did get done or started before we headed home scared by the weather report of a looming thunderstorm which then decided to move somewhere else. The cloud formations were pretty spectacular though.




In the afternoon we visited Greg Decker’s studio. Great work (reminded me of Masaccio and Redon) but most impressive was his painting palette! Over coffee at the Spirited Wings Café he shared some of his arty secrets with us which was great. You always take something away from it.


This palette is an artwork in itself.

After a quick dinner at home we were off to the movies at the Fountain Theatre in Mesilla. I can highly recommend Woody Allan’s new movie “The Irrational Man” and the theatre itself was spectacular.

And something else to look forward to. On Sunday I am off to El Paso to the Chalk the Block event. Pop up Murals, interactive art installations, sidewalk chalk art comps, bands,…with international artists and while I am there I’ll check out the local art museum, too. And I’ll be travelling there on a Greyhound. I always wanted to do that, now it’s the time and this trip is short enough in case it’s horrible 🙂 So watch this space.



One thought on “Walking the Streets

  1. I am loving your pink drawing/collage for Day o’the Dead. Brava!

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