Seen but not Hurd

On Friday we had a huge day planned, a plein air day, visit the Hurd Museum (with familial connections to Andrew Wyeth), and a close encounter with Roswell.
Painter and printmaker Ouida Touchòn was our companion and chauffeur with bonus puppy Lily on board too.

Climbing up the range out of the desert floor we drove straight into rain and low cloud that stayed with us most of the day. First stop was the Hurd Museum, more a gallery selling famous family giclees with a few beautiful and historical pieces but no original Andrew Wyeths. We did enjoy this studio sign from the late Peter Hurd…

So we hit the road again, abandoning sketching plans, and had lunch at a Roswell Alien Mexican restaurant.

Ouida and Lily chuckled patiently as we indulged ourselves in UFO kitsch.

Then it was on to the Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art for surprises far more jaw dropping than alien landings. Marlies has more to post on this soon.

The collection stems from the RAIR (Roswell Artists in Residence program) which has run for 48 years with 6-8 artists in residence for a whole year. A whole year! Each year!


Some modern day tagging art you say? It is a 1960 piece from one of the artists of that era.

The variety, size, scope of the pieces was staggering and we felt so lucky to have seen it.
‘Useless’ and ‘Sacred’ sticker dispenser.

Then it was back out onto the wet road for the return journey and as we passed the juniper covered hills and cottonwood valleys near Hondo I scribbled some shapes in Biro to translate onto some new paper (stolen from Marlies :-0 )the next day.




One thought on “Seen but not Hurd

  1. I am SO glad you got to visit the Anderson Museum. Fantastic place huh!?

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