Visiting new places

We have been having the best of times visiting artists and their studios, seeing new sights, and this week I finally pulled out the water soluble ink I bought 5 weeks ago and started something new. Not finished; put aside to stop myself overworking it … as I know I can :-/
On a rare free night last week we zipped down to see the latest Woody Allen film, Irrational Man at Fountain Theatre in Mesilla.

It dates back to 1905 and is run by volunteers from the Film Society and the restaurant next door has beautiful Mexican decor and carved doors and furniture.

They wouldn’t let Marlies pack this wall piece into her handbag! Harrumph.

The following day it was time to dust off the boots and the ‘oooh’ and ‘aaagh’ words and go hiking with DS to Pena Blanca at the southern end of the Organ Mountains. Just phone pics for now but we went to the site of his Pena Blanca painting from the WBHD1 project. It was a stunning morning, that’s Las Cruces in the background.


Beautiful grinding stone cavities along the way filled with water from a huge rain storm the day before.

And rock formations…

And ocotillo doing a green blush after 2 big rain events this week.

And then it was time to move some paint around as I try another new thought, attempting to interpret Dick Thomas’s poem Crescent Moon from this post without insulting the beauty of the poem. A few layers to go but enjoying the process…



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