Haven’t you Hurd the Aliens have landed


Friday was another day of discovery and mind blowing art. We were lucky enough that an artist friend of Adrienne’s, Quida Touchon, drove us all the way from Las Cruces to Roswell and back. A 12 hour road trip, most of it in the rain! But I had great company in the back 🙂


Our first stop was the Hurd Museum. I had heard about the artist Andrew Wyatt but not so much about the rest of the Wyatt/Hurd family and no wonder, their art is very traditional. After a quick glance over the artworks I was off to the nearby church and graveyard – much more to my liking 🙂


The most interesting “artwork” on display!


Unfortunately, every church I tried to get into was locked. Shouldn’t they be open?


Reminded me so much of the iconic displays in my dad’s village in Bavaria.


Our next stop was “Roswell” and you can’t  do anything else but smile when you see all the alien kitsch. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time for the UFO Museum but that was good because we had more time at the Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art. What a gem! The artworks were absolutely amazing especially the ones from the 60s and 70s. I wouldn’t have thought you’d find anything like of that caliber in Roswell of all places!


This art work is made out of puzzle pieces…I can see myself doing that!


close up


Rethinking collage cut outs….


Close up of painted paper cut outs…


50ies Happy World


close up – Pink Flamingos!

But so you know, we do do some work here as well. On Saturday morning we demonstrated “Oz Art at Mas Art”, the local art shop in the Main Street. It looks very much like Art Plus, but I am glad to say we have a muuuuuch bigger product range of art supplies.




Our host Karen with one of her customers. Look at her boots – want, want, want! I’ll be back their next Saturday morning – this time on my own as Adrienne will have left LC by then. It will be very quiet in da house 😦


One thought on “Haven’t you Hurd the Aliens have landed

  1. Not that many places in Roswell (other than that Anderson Museum) to see, but you guys MISSED the Roswell Alien one? yi yi yi yi. So interesting to a ‘believer’ like me. ha. Great pictures and so glad some of the art you are seeing is somewhat inspiring to you/your work….that’s always important.

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