Aguirre Springs scratchings

Sunday morning turned out to be a perfect day for outdoor painting with Ouida Touchòn and we headed off to Aguirre Springs on the northeastern side of the Organ Mountains. The drive in took longer than usual as Ouida had to keep stopping for me to snap pictures.

We both found cool shade to work under, and Ouida poured a kicker coffee from her flask. I set up in the sandy base of an arroyo (gully) looking up toward The Needles formations and then proceeded to scratch and rub around in the dirt and rocks like a restless chicken.

And Ouida set up under a big juniper (?) in elegant style and painted in oils, using one of her panels as her palette – she knows how to improvise when bits get left at home.

I managed some sketchy bases and a graphite drawing of The Needles over some new rock rubbings.

And in a stubborn effort to prove to myself it was worth carrying the carving tools, I’ve cut a little plate to work with on the inked pages.

This was a lovely link back to the woodcut lessons I did with Ouida in 2013. And this morning she gave me phone support, as she walked her dog, and ran through correct tool sharpening technique! This time I took notes.

Improvising here with oil paint as the printing inks are back home.

So the hand rubbed print isn’t solid but probably the right intensity for the drawing. Not sure where it will head but at least I’ve used those bloomin’ tools!



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