Back in the studio….again and again.

It seems, of late, I’ve not spent my time in the studio. Instead I’ve been ‘making a living’ with calligraphic endeavors. It’s all okay because I love doing that, too, and that making a living part is essential and even fun. But, I start missing my working with the paint and potato often!

Yesterday was my last day on the latest painting (started over a week ago, but not touched for days): THE SEARCH. 24x24z2″ acrylic and crayon on wood panel.the search siteThe willow… through my hands to my heart to my mind…the search ends.

It deals with my learning to witch for water here in the New Mexican desert. My husband taught me to be sensitive enough to the ‘feel.’ I cannot tell you how far down the water is or where its source is, but I can sure tell you if it’s there. And exactly where to dig. I was able to do this for a friend who built his own home down here in the hills. What fun!

Whoa….a few days later and I’m adding the much needed rework on the above painting. So much happier.the search site

Then, after finishing that, I went back to tweak an older one from this year. SHE’S TAKING TIME. 12×12″ acrylic, graphite and crayon on panel. Just added more text and drawing and phthalo green…

she's taking time site


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