So much to do, so little time…


I can’t believe a whole week has gone by since my last blog, I think me and Adrienne are the only ones blogging now and I’m not sure who’s reading it, so I am treating it as my personal diary.

Next Saturday our Wide Bay High Desert exhibition closes its doors to the public, the end of something amazing I was very fortunate to be a part of. I met some amazing artists who have generously shared their art and visions with us and I have soaked up as much as I could and there are still some more studio visits to look forward to.

In the meantime Adrienne and Murray have left Las Cruces and are enjoying their holiday. I do miss Adrienne. We had a great time together and I especially enjoyed working with her in our studio. However, since her departure I have relocated my “studio” into our living quarters as it’s more like I would normally work if I was at home.



During my first two weeks I had my ups and downs settling in and sometimes it was hard being “the other artist” from Australia and my confidence took a beating, oh the joys of being an artist.

But now, having to organise everything myself and be proactive I feel that I’m back to being myself again.

I picked up my little black car from El Paso on Wednesday and with the help of my GPS and that lovely lady who talks to me when I disobey directions I found my way back home to Las Cruces. That was the confidence boost I needed.

What else have I been up to? I went to the Fountain Theatre in Mesilla to watch a German movie and ended up sitting next to a gentleman from Berlin of all places.

Virginia took the time to meet me at the Holy Cross Retreat and showed me her 12 Stations of the Cross which are amazing.





At the Branigan Cultural Centre I went to an exhibition called “More than just Sugar Skulls” – beautiful!



Last night I went to the Rio Grande Theatre to watch “Marilee and Baby Lamb”, a play by Mark Medoff about the last 6 years in the life of Marylin Monroe based on interviews with Lena, her seamstress.

Today I was working at Mas Art again, meandered through the farmers market and met Ray Van de AA at his studio. I really do like his artworks.

In between all that I’ve been discovering some of the “Murals of Las Cruces”.



When I popped into Unsettled Gallery on the way home I had the great pleasure to meet Paul Taylor and his son and daughter in law. Paul is 95 years old and something of a legend here in Las Cruces and apparently has a huge art collection. He invited Catherine and me for a visit, so that will hopefully happen next week. I can’t wait as I have heard so much about him already.

Tomorrow I thought I might take it easy, but there are already a few things I would like to do, for example, I want to go back to the cemetery I discovered the other day and in the afternoon there is the Mesilla Mariachi Sunday ….there’s so much to do and there’s inspiration around every corner.

…. and did I mention that I went to White Sands, too 🙂




2 thoughts on “So much to do, so little time…

  1. ah, Marlies….as soon as I heard you were taking the Greyhound to El Paso on your own I knew you’d be just fine in Cruces on your own, too. And all the things you’ve already seen and done? You know more about the area than I do! And thanks for keeping up the blog. I think I might just add yesterday’s finishing up of a piece to help the blog along.

  2. Hi Marlies we are definitely reading all of the blogs and enjoying everything thank you!

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