Roadrunner, Roadrunner

Yesterday on my morning walk to get the newspaper I finally encountered my first roadrunner. It took a bit of stalking but I got that little guy doing what he does best – crossing the road very quickly.



Originally I planned for a quite Sunday, but then I ended up being out and about for 5 hours. First stop cemetery. I am still in awe when I walked along the graves – all these colourful decorations and trinkets on each grave. Some are really well looked after and others seem to be neglected in a good way. From an artist point of view, they would make great still lifes to paint and I might just do that when I get back. German cemeteries seem to be very regimented whereas here it’s all about expressing the lifes of the deceased. I can’t wait when everything is decorated for the Day of the Dead in two weeks time. It was quite difficult to find a sort of walk way along the graves and in the end I followed the tracks of the gravedigger. The last thing I wanted was walking on somebody’s grave.









…and then there are the bits and pieces which the wind blew off the graves and they got caught in the fence…




My stroll took the best part of an hour in the glaring midday heat without hat or sun protection (as I always do), so I decided to make my way to Mesilla for some lunch and the Mariachi concert.

Every Sunday from 3-5pm two Mariachi bands are playing at Mesilla plaza. It’s a free concert and so much fun. The first band was from Las Cruces and played more ballad type of songs, whereas the second one from El Paso knew how to entertain the crowd, especially when you have the token gay guy in the band 🙂

This was so much fun and two hours went by very quickly. I might just go back to Mesilla next week for another dose of Mariachi tunes. It’s a great way to absorb Mexican culture.




….don’t you love his fashion sense – perfect colour coordiation 🙂


Today I plan and will have a quite day…just going out to get a newspaper and a coffee!


3 thoughts on “Roadrunner, Roadrunner

  1. Got to love that ‘angels dwell here’ photo of the grave…the one with the truck. Perfect. I love NM’s graveyards. So imaginative and thought provoking.
    So glad you’re making so much of your time here, Marlies. Any work getting done? ha. I’m sure it is, judging by your previous posts….I’m just kidding.
    Coffee and paper….best way to start each day.

  2. forgot to say we have a visiting roadrunner who sometimes comes when I give the mating hoot. Fun. Love these birds. If you want to ‘chat’ with them….5 consistant ‘hoo…hoo…hoo…hoo…hoos will do it. They might come flocking to you! ha

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