Dim sim, joy, luck.

We have spent the last 2 days traveling across the northeast of Arizona through Navajo Nation lands. (We think) due to the quality of our SIM cards, we have had zero phone coverage and it’s been pretty perfect as an escape mechanism. This blog brought briefly to you by motel wifi before we disappear back into the red rock canyons and ancient crevices of Canyon de Chelley (pron. ‘Shay’) and Monument Valley (pron. ‘wow’ or ‘oh wow’).

Unavoidable Biro scribbles of the saguaro cactus in southern Arizona…


…brought on by 7 hours at the Tucson Sonoma Desert Museum with friends last seen 27 years ago in Canada.

I bought this owl for Jenny G…

… and this Bear Grass Tree for Roana.

And this little beauty for Trudie (which was genuinely on the corner in Winslow, Arizona)…

…to which we strapped 20 of these chairs for Marlies.

And Wendy, we got you this little patch of Navajo sky from Window Rock, AZ.

So after all this souvenir shopping we finally got a thunderstorm free sunset at the madly beautiful Monument Valley. For some it was so droll…

For us it was far from that.

And yesterday saw some carpark art acquisition despite complete lack of room in homeward baggage, but who can resist these mountain sheep? Apparently not me.
Tomorrow brings a Navajo guided trip into the back blocks and rocks of Monument Valley. Joy.



4 thoughts on “Dim sim, joy, luck.

  1. I still say you should add ‘copywriter’ to your list o’talents. Wonderful post. Love that old car and want it badly (if only I had the $ to make it perfect and stop the rust). You’re seeing sights and canyons that are steeped in so much history of The People. sigh.

  2. So … how did you go with customs? I hope they let the owl through, but I reckon they would have confiscated that bear grass for sure! Lovin’ the pics 🙂

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