My Artist Residency is far from over…..


Our exhibition might be closed but my artist residency is still going strong and I decided to bore you with my adventures (including NY, Chicago and Las Vegas) until I get home on 15th November and I am sure you do want to see Phil in his Elvis jumper all over the US! After that I might start my own blog (which is already set up) or just use facebook or email. I do hope we’ll keep in touch!

Since my last blog I have been quite busy. I already had a sneek peak of the Postcard Show at NMSU, met with the talented (and I mean super genius talented) Bob Diven, met Jo Rango at our Lync Session which unfortunately didn’t happen, but then ended up even better with Jaqulin, Jo , Virginia, Catherine and me chatting for about two hours, got an insight in local American politics thanks to Dick and Sherry who took me to the Progressive Voters Alliance meeting where I shook hands with Mayor Ken, went to Mesilla where I explored San Albino cemetery, went to the movies twice (great what you can do when on holiday, make spur of the moment decisions – Bridge of Spies & The Martian), had my last stint at Mas Art, had dinner with Raul and Tauna where I met the lovely Sherry Carter and spent three hours drawing with Jean this morning. Phew….that’s quite a lot in a few days if I say so myself and I was concerned of being lonely! Ha, not a chance.

I am still on the look out for murals and while doing that other interesting subjects pop up in front of my camera.





San Albino cemetery in Mesilla was well worth a visit!







I have taken so many photos ….they’ll all get put to good use!

During the last few days I came up with a plan what I am going to work on when I come home to Bundy and I can’t wait to start. First of all, I will find myself a mentor and I do already know who I am going to approach. Let’s see if this will all work out.

But first of all, only 3 days to go until Phil gets here. There’s so much I want to show him and then we’ll immerse ourselves into the Day of the Dead celebrations. The highlight of my time here? Not sure yet, honestly, there are too many!

I donated my two paintings from our exhibition to the Art Department at NMSU and they will go into a silent auction during the postcard exhibition. I hope they will raise some needed money for the Art Department. Fingers crossed.


Found that cow sculpture on my way to the cemetery in Mesilla.


Did some drawing with Jean this morning and loved it. Jean has got the most amazings props including lots of rabbits.


I do want a dog or two 🙂


Halloween is only a week away……Booooh





3 thoughts on “My Artist Residency is far from over…..

  1. Marlies….both you and Adrienne have been the best bloggers ever. Thanks so much for keeping us abreast of your activities. Busy lady. We were at the cinema to see the Wed. ‘hump day’ film ALOFT and it was FANTASTIC! We were supposed to go to TorC to see Bring Him Home tonight, but, LOOK! We forgot. haha
    Thanks so much for all the pix and news. What fun. And you appear to be making the most of your stay. Brava!

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