Today, being the last day of our combined exhibit….I’m with Virginia in thanking all involved. It’s been fun. Let us keep in touch.

Next….I am so honored to be one of 7 artists a VERY reputable past, Santa Fe art dealer (the BEST ever), has invited me to paint a piece to an essay she will soon send me. It was from an essay contest….7 of the top ones have been chosen to go into a book and I get to paint to one of them. WOW. So exciting. Haven’t yet gotten the essay, but will share it all later IF this site is still moving along. And I hope it is.

Adrienne, Christine, Carey, Alex. Marlies, Dave, Virginia, … let’s stay in touch!

Just adding this image to have an image and it’s one of my favorites of mine. Never got shown while in Santa Fe, sigh.

DREAMING IN THE GREY LIGHT 40×40 acrylic and crayon on canvas.3622807_orig


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