Blue Sky Talkin’

blueskytalkin 6

Saturday was an emotional day. As we celebrated the final weekend of WBHDII, we hosted a very special event with the Bundaberg Writers Club called Blue Sky Talkin’. The writers had visited the exhibition previously then gone away and pondered the art they had encountered. They generously shared their thoughts and words with us. And wow! I was really touched that the exhibition had been a catalyst for so many responses. Poetry, prose, memories, song, the beginnings of a novel (yes 30,000 words have already been written!) have all sprung forth.

A big thanks to Di Esmond of the BWC for organising. Di and I will be sharing the written responses through this blog soon, as I know all the artists will enjoy reading how their artwork inspired these creative minds! So stay tuned I will post them soon.


In the meantime I wanted to share one of the highlights of the day which was a song written and performed by Brett. Though he hadn’t written a song in years, he was so inspired by Christine Turner’s Big Sky Dreaming that he wrote and performed his own Big Sky Dreaming.

The day was really moving for me as it made me realise that the ripple effect of WBHD has been bigger and more varied than I had anticipated. Thanks to everyone who has participated and supported – it has been a pleasure to get to know you all, and watch you all generously share your creativity with each other and our communities.

blueskytalkin 7


4 thoughts on “Blue Sky Talkin’

  1. Trudie, Thank you for the update. Yes, I look forward to reading more about how all of the artists’ works inspired others…. All the Best, Virginia

  2. My thanks to you and Jenny and … for all the effort you people over there, down under….have put into this show. I’m so happy and proud that Catherine at Unsettled invited me to be a part of this both times!

  3. I am with Nolan on this…..I feel privileged to have been part of WBHD 1 and 2. Thank you to Catherine, Trudie and Jenny and to the artists involved.
    c x

  4. Your writer’s event sounded amazing. A pity it didn’t get of the ground here. I know the poets were more than ready ….but unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to happen. A huge Thank you from me, too. I had the most amazing time here, learnt a lot about myself and met some amazing people. I do hope that some of us keep the momentum going and stay in touch 🙂

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