Patterns of many surfaces

Or ‘Scratching the surface’ as we make our way and the back roads toward Hillsboro and the Winkler retreat.
Thanks Dave for the tip to visit Tent Rocks National Monument outside Santa Fe: amazing layer patterning.


Little abstract compositions everywhere. Clever Mother Nature.

And who’s a happy penguin to be in Santa Fe?



A town the size of Bundaberg with 250+ private galleries plus many public museums, and said to still be the third largest art market after NY and LA. Some art leaves a few of us perplexed…

A gallery I visited two years ago near the Railyard district, Lew Allen Galleries, is still stunning. Plus slightly overwhelming and heartening at the same time – both via the work and the juicy prices.
Carey and Nolan told me about abstract artist Sammy Peters last project and seeing his work close up again is so informative. The surface grounds, working, layering. Sigh. This detail from Celebration: Confirming; Enigma 2013, 30in x 48in.

Other Santa Fe treasures include a visit to Alex’s home and studio and a wonderful night there with he and his Nearest. Thanks to you both for a beautiful meal and many great words. I’m sure we’ll meet again somehow.

And Jenny, some fine chili roasting at the Railyard Farmers Markets – this guy had all the lines including It’s Santa Fe aromatherapy day. We nearly burnt out heads off eating roasted chilies last night.

Then it was on to the ancient patterns of Three Rivers Petroglyphs.

And we just snuck into White Sands for the sunset again.

And this morning we head to Hillsboro! Cue the skunk, javelina, deer and turkeys Nolan.

The rooms at Encino are currently off line.


One thought on “Patterns of many surfaces

  1. ha, it’s almost 9am and I JUST got dressed….a bit chilly here in the morns now keeps us in warm jammies longer. So, great pix and tales as always and so glad you got to spend the night with Alex and Juliana in beautiful Lamy. W’s still in his jammies and has about a half hour of his stretches to do so you might find him in jammies and for sure, his exercise mat will stay on the living room floor during your visit as he does these 3 times a day to stretch out lots of old scar tissue in his abdominal area. I’m sure the deer will be here. And a cardinal. See ya sooner than later.

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