Today is the day…..


Today is the day when my man arrives in New Mexico! Only a few hours to go and I am on my way to the airport to meet him. It has been 7 weeks! Far too long….

Yesterday I had the most amazing three hours with Ouida Touchon, a local printmaker. Ouida taught me Chine Colle which will take my collages in a whole new direction.



But today is also the day when I officially end my Artist Residency.From now on I am a tourist enjoying the sights and arts in Las Cruces. Tomorrow I am making the rounds with Phil to say Goodbye to some special people I met, pick up my artwork I bought from Art Obscura, call into some galleries I missed and show Phil where I spent my time whilst in LC and where to get the best coffees and Margaritas.

Tonight our hosts Dick and Sherry invited us over for Dinner, tomorrow we might pop by the Postcard Exhibition at NMSU (and hopefully my donated artworks raise some money) and then it’s all about Dia de Los Muertos – the highlight of my stay in LC, oh, did I mention I went to Paul Taylor’s house and was blown away by his art collection and what an interesting man he is!


I must admit, this artist residency was quite an eye opener for me. I didn’t quite know what to expect when I first applied and would I do it again? Yes, but probably approach it differently. I learnt heaps about myself, had my ups and downs but then I met all those amazing people who made it all worthwhile.  I will take some amazing experiences home with me which will definitely influence my future artworks, so stay tuned 🙂

The next two weeks will be all about Phil. It’s his well deserved holiday after running the shop 7 weeks without me but I think he knows now what I actually do, not “just floating around” as he likes to describe it. I think we’ll appreciate each other more after this trip. Having said that….I know there’s a Frank Stella exhibition at the Whitney Museum just opening, and there’s more to see at the MET and there’s the Chicago Institute of Art,…. and lots of coffee shops, etc for Phil haha.


In the spirit of Halloween….


and this little guy is totally oblivious to it all 🙂


2 thoughts on “Today is the day…..

  1. wow, Marlies…what a swell post. You’ve been busy to say the least. Glad it has been a wonderful experience for you. You certainly seem to have taken good advantage of it. Good ambassadorette, you are!

  2. I should add that I’m loving these small pieces you’ve done and shared here. Brava!

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