Friends come, then they leave ya…

Had a wonderful nearly 24 hours here with Murray and Adrienne. I even charged up the battery in my camera then totally forgot about it so no pictures, dang. Dave Sorensen joined us for dinner and laughs, too. Then, everyone dragging tired but Dave (he did have a bit of a drive home), we hit the hay pretty late and woke up late. ha. My fabulous breakfast cooking skills brought us oatmeal….who could want for more? Well Murray and Adrienne had a bit of room left for their toast and that salt stuff, Vegemite. ha again.

Will miss those two for sure.

Once back to ‘normal’ life, I found all the food they left in our fridge, not to mention vino and milk…. Thanks, kids! Then to the studio to refinish my latest HIGH DESERT HAIKU, using a bit of the Australian Red Gold ms. Adrienne left me, too. Thanks again.

Dreaming of water

in the high desert of need.

The ground drinks the rain.

high desert haiku site


2 thoughts on “Friends come, then they leave ya…

  1. ha, Christine….wanted one with similar colors as the one I’m leaving with you. =]

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