Third drawer down

Contained chaos. Packing. Folding. Discarding. All going smoothly until I opened that bottom drawer of the dresser. Surprise!

Rescued by this sentence from Nearest: ‘I’ve got quite a bit of room left’.


One thought on “Third drawer down

  1. oh, my, Adrienne…..your room resembles my studio except yours appears to be missing a dead rat somewhere and other filth. Winkler has requested I not take our company today into my studio. Geez. It embarrasses him and he doesn’t know how I could do it anyway, sigh. You two have a safe flight home.
    Marlies….I’m sorry we haven’t had more time to spend with you, but I am so impressed by both you and the tall blonde one. You two can sightsee and work and walk and…and…and…. Both of you are terrific ambassadors for Australia! They oughtta hire you! Are you and your husband off on the road soon, too?
    In any case….adios to you both and be well, remember us and know you’ll be missed.

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