Winding up, down, waving not drowning

We are ensconced in LAX, surrounded by these strange accents of people from Australia and I realise I’ve been away a while. The last few days have been full of hellos and farewells. After a great stay in Hillsboro and coming away with a stash of Dorlands Wax, we got to wave ‘hi’ to Phil in Mesilla and he already looked right at home. And Marlies is a true local now with lots of great stories to tell. It was great to catch up.

Thursday night was the NMSU Postcard Show and Jenny’s piece was snapped up very early. And Friday night was a perfect party night thrown by Ouida Touchòn at her beautiful home in Mesilla, with great food and beautiful company and generous farewells. Thanks Ouida, it was such a memorable way to finish this NM stay.
This morning (Halloween here) a fine young stormtrooper dished out the shots in El Paso which prepared us for a total power blackout at the airport.

We think hamsters on treadmills were supplying the emergency lighting and the power to one single computer terminal that allowed the attendants to check our bags and issue boarding passes. Luck fell our way as the electronic scales were off line so we avoided awkward weight conversations and avoided eye contact until our bags were lugged away – hopefully to our plane.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art LACMA was kind enough to open until 7pm on Saturdays so it was an easy alternative to 10 hours in LAX.
With more than six major exhibition buildings in the complex, we bumbled around for several hours, coming to rest in front of many treasures.

Ed Ruscha’s Actual Size, 1962 Oil on Canvas

Téte Au Fort Menton, Jean Debuffet 1957 Oil on canvas seemed a little like looking in the mirror after a night of Double Eagle margaritas and Californian Pinot Noir.

And a small Picasso Weeping Woman with Handkerchief 1937 sat nearby a small and delicate Joan Miró Group of Figures 1938.

A divine Joan Mitchell, I’ve enjoyed seeing more of her work this trip. Not someone we see back home. East Ninth Street 1956 Oil on canvas.

And the Broad building at LACMA houses some fabulous and fun (complex race track through futurist city amongst them) installations, and massive and gentle indoor sculpture, Band, by Richard Serra.

And this may be the last chance in a while to photobomb a De Kooning. Montauk Highway 1958, Oil and combined media on heavy paper mounted to canvas!

I’m so thrilled with the time I’ve had, my life partner has sacrificed a lot this last year to help me get here and while I’ve been in New Mexico there has been endless generosity and assistance from ALL of the artists inside and outside the project. I’ve done work I’m really happy with, it doesn’t always fall that way, and the Hillsboro crew and Diana and Dean Ayers provided the working space to do that.
The Thomas’ home was a huge part of making the stay in Las Cruces possible, and Catherine and Don sure know how to throw a great opening and hang a good looking show.
Jenny and Trudie, the BRAG crew and vollies, RADF, and those behind it all at Bundaberg Regional Council, we all thank you, and I thank you for allowing me to be part of this project. It has been an affecting experience and will be for some time.
Tomorrow I wake up at home. And then possibly go straight back to sleep. 🙂


One thought on “Winding up, down, waving not drowning

  1. As always, a wonderful and generous post.
    Wow, Joan Mitchell (if I painted like anyone else, I’d hope it would be her); deKooning (possibly one of the best EVER); and Richard Serra’s monumentals….I’ve walked by a few of those in the past and was overwhelmed. Stunning day in L.A., says I. You guys lucked out.
    Winkler and I will miss you and Murray, Adrienne, as I’ve said how many times now? But cannot wait to see what your new work will be like. We hope you’ll be sharing many pix of the show you and Jenny are putting together of smaller works. So fun. Hope Catherine latches onto that theme for a show in Cruces.
    New guests here for lunch yesterday and only one deer came to visit with them. The rest of the herd came later…so you were special.
    Enjoy a real rest. Then get the f… to work! Oops, I mean get the sugar to work. ??? Nah, just doesn’t work, ms. A.

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