Looking back on WBHD-2: Fun with Adrienne

Now that Adrienne and Marlies have departed for home and USA touring, I am trying to catch up with some blog posting.  Looking back, it was a full-on visit for both, so I feel fortunate to have shared a few moments artistic and social, with my mates from Bundy.  Here are a few pix to supplement those already posted in earlier blogs.

Roadrunner statue fed by Adrienne-e

There seemed to be endless feeding at the proverbial trough.  Adrienne shares a morsel with the giant roadrunner sculpture in the rest area off the highway, west of Las Cruces.

Lunch at winklers-group-e Lunch at winklers-serving with Peg-e

But mainly into our own cake holes.  Nolan dished up several feeds for various members of the WBHD gang, hosting at the lovely and creative Hillsboro compound.

Mas Art ladies Adrienne at dinner-e

I had many family visitors during the period and it was tough finding a spot on the WBHD schedule, but I was able to force some tucker into Adrienne (along with the lovely Mas Art ladies-Karen, Malu, and Sandra) on one dinner event at Casa Sorensen.  As Marlies can surely attest, after a few drinks the frame shop ladies can provide plenty of juicy gossip about local art and community “players.” My lips are sealed, of course.

Salsa dinner selfie with Adrienne-e Salsa dinner-Adrienne and chips-e

Adrienne and I were able to join up downtown for Salsa dance night in the Placita area.  Great music, introductions to local art icon Bob Diven, and, you guessed it, more chow down the cake hole.  Sadly, the local NM wine doesn’t quite measure up to typical Aussie vinho collapso, so Adrienne offset with excessive doses of multi-colored tortilla chips.

Soon after Marlies arrived, we caught an evening out on the dunes at White Sands.  Did someone ask about food?  Well, it’s not a proper White Sands event without a picnic on the “beach”.

White Sands with Aussies-Adrienne below-e White Sands with Aussies-Adrienne portrait1-e White Sands with Aussies-AW MO after sunset-e White Sands with Aussies-backs-e White Sands with Aussies-heading home-e


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