Looking back some more – Outings into the Wilderness

Here are a few more supplemental photos from hikes taken to particularly painting-worthy spots with Adrienne during her stay.

Sierra Vista trail-Adrienne by knoll-e  Sierra Vista trail-Adrienne rock drawing bushes-e

Early on, it was the Sierra Vista trail, only a few minutes from town but full of the lovely spiky stuff that AW loves to paint.  She showed me her technique of setting a base for paintings by rough-rubbing graphite on damp paper atop rocks.  Pretty cool effects!

White Sands paintout-Adrienne dunetop studio-f White Sands paintout-Adrienne paints-fWhite Sands paintout-Adrienne paints birdseye-f

A grey day at White Sands actually proved good for a paint-out visit.  We both did at least one watercolor without the blinding glare of a sunny day.  An art trade is in final negotiations, pending use of AW’s results for some exhibitions back in Oz.

Pena Blanca dawn hike-AW kitchen help-e Pena Blanca dawn hike-AW descends red wall2-e

One particular spot I wanted to show Adrienne is the unusual set of rock formations at Pena Blanca, on the southern end of the Organ Mountain chain.  The prehistoric Native American caves are unusually good, with grain grinding/water storage depressions worn into the rock of the cave floor.  Definitely timeless sense to the place.  But mainly I wanted her to see the subject of one of my WBHD 1 paintings, “Fallen Crystals, Pena Blanca.”  This painting was displayed in the ChArtS gallery in Childers in 2013, but then became part of a trade with Adrienne for some of her gouache studies.

DDS Watercolor-Fallen Crystals-16apr13-f  Pena Blanca dawn hike-AW fallen crystals1-e

The painting (above, left) and Adrienne dwarfed by the actual lava crystal formations.

Pena Blanca dawn hike-AW water-e

If you go hiking with Adrienne, be sure to bring lots of water, and there may be the odd stop to see what lies behind a bush or tree.


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