Moments with Marlies

Unfortunately I had family visitors for much of the month of October, so was not able to spend as much time with Marlies as I would have liked (lucky for her, eh?).

Raul shares collages at Unsettled-e

I got to watch some of her collage work as part of the Mesquite Street open studio event.  While Adrienne and Jean were across the historic Camino Real (now Mesquite St.), Marlies and Raul Dorn shared their collages outside on the Unsettled Gallery veranda.

Art Obscura-Marlies and Crook pose-e Art Obscura-Marlies with Crook at painting full-e

I had the pleasure of introducing Marlies to the Art Obscura Gallery, a mecca for younger, emerging artists.  We attended the opening of a solo show by Crook (Juan Gonzalez) that was particularly good.  The painting I wanted was already sold by the time we got there (so couldn’t add to the 4 pieces by Crook already in my collection), but Marlies was able to snag one that fit in her suitcase.  Marlies’ funky outfit was right at home with the crowd in the gallery.  Art Obscura brings in a food truck for events, so she got a literal taste of the local culture on top of all the art.

Marlies by 138 Food Truck-eMarlies plays illegal immigrant-e

Speaking of vehicles, Marlies introduced me to a part of Las Cruces region that I wasn’t familiar with….the eclectic open air, dusty bus depot out by the highway petrol stop at Dona Ana.  I picked her up from her exciting outing to El Paso by Greyhound.  She is an adventurer after my own heart!

Marlies Phil at Double Eagle-f

It was wonderful to see Phil again, however briefly during his stay in Las Cruces.  Above the happy reunited couple enjoy killing some brain cells over margaritas at the Double Eagle bar in Mesilla.


One thought on “Moments with Marlies

  1. Unfortunately for us here in nowhere, NM (Hillsboro), we were so busy during Marlies’ stay we hardly got to Las Cruces. But it was delightful following her on this blog. Good woman!

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