Party at Peg-ay’s

The elusive Mrs. Brown and hubby Joel held a wonderful welcoming party for recently arrived Murray Williams and Marlies, along with several of the WBHD gang and their significant others.  Here are a few pix of us in various stages of debauchery.  Other attendees included artists Nancy Frost Begin and Margaret Berrier, and the Thomas’ (who hosted AW and MO during their stay.)

Peg's party-Nolan Murray Dick Marlies-cPeg's party-group by bar-cPeg's party-at the table-c Peg's party-at the table2-c Peg's party-other end of table-cPeg's party-Sherry Nancy Margaret-cPeg's party-AW going for the margarita-c

Peg's party-Joel-c Peg's party-Peg clowning-c


One thought on “Party at Peg-ay’s

  1. Too much fun. So nice to meet new artists and mates, too. Thanks for all the posts today, Dave. I was beginning to think this blog had died with the leaving of the fabulous Aussie women.

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