There was plenty of art produced!

One thing that really impressed me about Adrienne, and mirrored by Marlies when she arrived, was the dedication to the production of artworks.  I really wasn’t permitted the luxury of much creative time during my residency in Bundy, but Adrienne made a point of setting aside time in the studio and the field to sketch and paint.  Here are a few moments that I captured during her stay, to supplement her many posts on this subject.

Adrienne painting thru window-e Adrienne working in Mesquite studio2-e Adrienne holds strip in Mesquite studio-e

The Ayers were kind enough to provide studio space across the street from Unsettled Gallery.

Aussie open studio-Adrienne collector and Jean-e Aussie open studio-Jean and Adrienne-e

Jean and Adrienne shared their work in the same studio during the Mesquite Street open studio event, highlighting the Australian connections.Aussie open studio-Adrienne expains painting to Raul-e

Adrienne enlightens local art icon Raul Dorn on her approach to an oil.  Raul taught many of the emerging artists in Las Cruces as a teacher in several schools over the decades.  His wife Tauna Cole currently teaches art at the University, and Adrienne shared various art-bonding events with this influential and inspiring couple.  Another art couple to bring out the best for Adrienne was our very own Nolan Winkler and her sculptor husband.  Adrienne did a retreat for art at their Hillsboro home, as well as other stop-overs.  The watercolors and gouache pieces Adrienne created there were especially good!  I was fortunate to see her at work (below) when I came to courier her back to Cruces.

Adrienne at Nolan-with Nolan studio2-e


One thought on “There was plenty of art produced!

  1. So impressed that Marlies and Adrienne found time to create such beautiful art…they were kept pretty busy by Las Cruces functions and festivities. And, thanks to you, Dave, for all the outings at which you escorted them and introduced them to the art community and culture of the area. You are a gift that keeps on giving!

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