Farewell to Adrienne and Marlies

Postcards-adrienne by her painting-f

After a flurry of final activities for the ladies from Bundy, including one more show of Adrienne’s work (above) within the Project Postcard exhibition at NMSU, it was time for final farewells to Adrienne & Murray and Marlies & Phil.Murray Adrienne at Double Eagle-f

One more margarita at the Double Eagle….

Adrienne Nancy Jeanne at Ouida's-f gang at Ouida's-f

…as a warm-up for more good drink and tucker, hosted by artist Ouida Touchon at her lovely home in Mesilla.  Joining in were artists Jean, Jacklyn, Nancy Frost Begin (center, above), and some wonderful significant others.  All were impressed by Adrienne’s small water-media works from her stay, especially Nancy, a Signature Member of the National Watercolor Society.

In keeping with New Mexico’s “wonderful” cultural tradition of letting rubbish lay where it falls, I close out the 2015 WBHD2 blog posts with a few international beverage-exchange images.

Fosters still life-f

White Sands-Bundaberg bitters-f

White Sands-Bundaberg ginger beer-f

I’ll continue to post and am already planning a return trip to Bundy and Oz in 2016, time-frame is still TBD.  Until then….


One thought on “Farewell to Adrienne and Marlies

  1. so hard to say adios to the two lovely artists sent to us via Bundaberg. Both terrific people and artistas. Dave…you got a good pix of Marlies, yea!

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