a ‘free’ commissioned piece. ha

I was invited to join 6 other artists to ‘illustrate/paint to’ one of 7 winning essays that were selected by  the Wonder Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which is owned by the BEST ex art dealer in that beautiful city. It was an honour for me to be invited. The piece will eventually go into a book with other essays and images. It isn’t really ‘free’…if anyone wants it they’ll have to pay me the usual price. ha. Just ‘free’ for the show and to go into the book. Will be fun to see what others did. Mine is about a 14 year old whiz of a young woman…reader, competitive swimmer, trying to blend in teen who wears lavendar cat eye sunglasses…. This one is called: THE BOOK OF DAISY (her name)…24×24 inches, 61x61cm….acrylic, graphite and crayon on canvas.


Whew, sent it to the curator and owner of the Wonder Institute and she said it was PERFECT for the essay. wheeeee


5 thoughts on “a ‘free’ commissioned piece. ha

  1. Hello Nolan!Congratulations .. I love the idea of having an image grow up out of the words of an author. Lavender cat eye sunglasses how exotic! After falling over recently giving myself an amazing black eye and breaking my glasses I’ve had a trip to the optometrist and left his glistening display of eye wear having ordered a pair of prescription sunglasses, frames crafted from exotic timber by Fritz the yachty .. having got caught up in the story and the visual of the red felt lined draw opening to display these ‘unique’ offerings. Such is the impractical life of an artist heh.
    Anyway am back on the blog and now looking forward to reading thru the posts from Marlies and Adrienne’s visit and all else which no doubt will take some time to catch up on.

  2. wow, the elusive Susan. Glad you’re baaaaaaaack. Gee, Susan, compared to me you’re quite young, but I’m kinda happy to fall at least once a year just to know I can rise and continue! Ha. Last time (this year) for me was a fall on the tennis court…I did a rather professional ‘roll’ and had my partners race to help me up, which I, of course, declined. Got up and continued the game. Lost that point I lunged for, though, dang. Then I also fell inside the house while barefoot…slipping on some water that dripped in during a bad rain. Thudded like I’d slipped on a banana peel. Again, up and at ’em, whew.

    Virginia….thanks. You, too, Susan. Good to know some are still out there on here.

  3. Sounds like ‘attention-seeking behaviour’ if you ask me!!!! Haha! Seriously, be carefuL…no breakages please!! CX

  4. haha, true, Christine. I’d prefer NOT to fall on that hard tennis court surface…OR my floors….OR….but it’s so good to know at 71 (next week) I can still do it so gracefully. hahaha

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