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Big Sky

I was thrilled to bits to learn that Brett from the Bundaberg Writer’s Club had written a wonderful song, inspired by my ‘Big Sky’ painting.

Brett’s song is posted on Vimeo…Click Big Sky Dreaming to check it out.

Thanks Brett for the great song. You are inspiring me in return!

WBHD 2…another great success story for BRAG!

‘Sing your song songwriter…
wrap it in a big blue sky,

you give your words to me
tied up with ribbons and riffs

Big Sky Dreaming…
finding meaning.’

Big Sky


I’m back!

I have just returned from Melbourne where I had been looking after my mother as she had been in hospital. I was so pleased that I was able to help her settle back into a routine in her own home.

It was lovely to see  so many of the Melbourne gardens full of rhododendrons and camellias. Bundaberg is a bit too hot for them.

I have been focusing on digital imagery in recent months, but I am keen to do some more painting soon.  cxwitkin head5 copy

Re blogging, or lack of

  • Well Nolan, you were right to bring this up and it has already made a difference. We had a small and cosy group in WBHD 1.  The group became like a kind of family, and ‘yes’ AD,  I am really sulking now that I read that you are going to visit CC and Heather.  And I trust that you delivered extra hugs to Nolan as requested.
  • My excuses…too many to list this year, and it doesn’t make for good reading.  I will just try a little harder.
  • Some of you may not know that I also have my own personal blog called ‘Christine Turner’s Art Blog’.  It is getting close to having had 100,000 page visits…so you should never underestimate the power of the blog.  Please look in on my blog every now and then. It is full of much digital art lately.  I love technology.
  • I  really enjoyed revisiting painting this year, and was delighted to sell my favourite piece to a lovely lady who I managed to meet on Skype on the opening day.  I will keep painting on a regular basis now.  It is very therapeutic, and it is lovely to enable people to bring something unique and beautiful into their homes.  cx
  • BrWoman34 08

Adrienne’s Exhibition Opening

ADRIENNEAdrienne can stand tall and proud after a stunning opening last night.  People everywhere, waiters with copious amounts of wine rotating, keeping us topped up.Adrienne here there and everywhere.  I will run into her soon I thought.

Adrienne’s beautiful paintings studded with red dots…..at least half of her works sold last night, and I feel certain more will sell over the next few days.

Brilliant effort Adrienne and Red Hill Gallery!!  It was a great night!  C X

PHOTO: Adrienne with Keith Stewart and Christine Turner

Last one!


This work is possibly the last one I need to paint for this exhibition.  I am calling it Big Country 2.  It is an acrylic collage on canvas.   90cm h x 120cm w

It has had multiple layers of paint applied over another old infinity pattern that I found in my back storage shed.   Collage elements include wallpapers, fabrics, but mostly they are thin plastics from old doilies and tablecloths.  C x