A bit like a Chrysalis

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Working over the week-end on the “Hat Box for Ritchie” artwork for the exhibition
The cast glass section survived the firing process, the material “Gaffer Glass” was sourced from New Zealand.

Some time ago a friend told me the story of her Great Uncle Richie who survived the First World War only to be tragically killed on his return to Maryborough.
The people of the City rallied together and erected a monument in his honor.


Elements slowly take shape

P1030834 P1030856

The model for the Crows Nest” work was made in wax and cast at a local foundry in bronze, a fair bit of sanding and polishing to complete.

P1030861 P1030888

The rifle butt mould is finished and drying, it has been made in plaster and silica and hopefully will survive the glass casting process, it will form part of the top section of the “Hat Box for Richie” the bowls have been glazed and ready for the kiln firing.

Irons in the Fire

P1030837 P1030869 P1030877

Work has been taking the lions share of my time lately, managed to complete a series of open bowls on the weekend, the illustrations relate to the stories that I have based the mixed media works on. No 1 Woody Girl, No 2, “The Crows Nest” and No 3, “Hat Box for Richie” Lots to do. Plaster moulds drying, lead crystal glass ordered, panic setting in.



Trigger Points


Woody Island Lighthouse P1030866 P1030831

Have taken a bit of time off from work this week to concentrate on the artworks.
The concepts rattling around in my mind relate to individuals who live or have lived in Maryborough and have a story to tell, I figure the landscape is as much about the people as it is about the surroundings and this has given me a starting point.
The works will be mixed media and related drawings, the trigger being found/reclaimed object/s.

“Woody Girl”
I visited Woody Island some time ago and collected a few items of Victorian china from the foundations of the old house (the island is between the mainland and Fraser Island), by chance I met the daughter of the Lighthouse keeper who still lives in Maryborough she was kind enough to show me her collection of photographs and chat about her life.

There is also a story about a mythical creature the Moha Moha sighted on the island in 1891 by a notable naturalist, Miss Lovell, 34 feet long 2 parts fish one part turtle.

The doll fragments were purchased from a local man who is a passionate detector finder/scavenger/collector/hoarder.
Keep you posted


P1030720Hi to all the WBHD artists and followers, thought I had better get my act together and start the ball rolling on some work for the exhibition. Our lunch this week was a welcome distraction, thanks. great to catch up and find out what you’re all up to and a few deadlines from Trudi made me realise the little time we have left.

Interested in found objects, repurposing, and local individuals/stories for the works. Will base these all around Maryborough

I have been collecting these past few months, always on the lookout for objects that might start a dialogue and a point of reference/conversation.

Anyway nice to finally be active and look forward to being part of the project.