Preparing pigmented wood panels (retablos). VMR

Greetings! The process of creating pigmented wood panels (retablos) for the upcoming exhibit.  See attached photos… VMR

IMG_6861 IMG_6867 IMG_6868



Treasure Chest

To Trudie, Jenny and Catherine,

I just have to say thank you for bringing together this wonderful group of artists. I really had no idea that we would achieve such a great level of communication with the blog. It has been extraordinary! Should be a great exhibition in October! cx

Wide Bay artist’s meeting


Today we had the meeting of the Wide Bay artists. Trudie and Jessica, our blog administrator joined us. We brushed up our blogging skills and so are all feeling more confident . We chatted about the works we had commenced and ideas surrounding them. It was a very friendly and informative meeting, which we followed up with a delicious lunch at ‘Indulge’ – one of our favourite cafes in the central business district.

Adrienne went back to the gallery to print some works while Trevor, Susan and I had an adventurous afternoon visiting a number of charity shops. All in all… a wonderful day!


To the Wide Bay artists

I spoke with Trevor Spohr today and together we have set a date to meet in Bundaberg for a little blogging workshop and a general catch up. We are hoping that Trudie and Jenny will be able to come, and the kind girl that set up the blog for us. We would have liked to wait till Brad Marsellos was back to run the workshop for us, but as he will be on the other side of the planet, this will be impossible. Trevor and I are able to be in Bundaberg at BRAG on the 29th or 30th of April, for a get-together. Adrienne will be at BRAG doing some printmaking, but we hope she may spare a little time to take part in this meeting. I am fairly sure that Susan will be able to attend also. Let me know what date suits best. Trevor and I thought it might be good to head to Mt Perry for another meeting late in May. Adrienne has an exhibition late May, so we may be able to connect there. If these dates for the next meeting don’t work, we could do Saturday, Sunday 18th or 19th of May when Brad is back.. I will check with him whether he will be available for a blog workshop then. Talk soon. cx