Something fishy going on!


I have spent much of the weekend preparing my collection of 210 bbq paper plate holder plastic fish for an installation at a local beach this week. Fun times!! A drone is going to fly over the 20m installation and take pictures, or a video. I’m not quite sure what will exactly come out of it. (Maybe I am under surveillance?) Another friend is going to do a time lapse of the event.

It should be fun if the weather holds out. It has been very windy of late. I have number of friends coming to help me set up. We only have 2 hours of low tide to get the installation finished.

Susan, Jenny Gilbertson and I had a lovely Sunday in the Linen yesterday. We started with the 10 minute warm ups we had planned. I had set up a small still life of a teaset I have. I was totally bowled over with Jenny G’s drawing and copying skills. She is an absolute machine. I will ask her to post some of her amazing pencil drawings, that she produced in such a short time. Very impressive!

Susan produced 4 tiny canvases, which she will probably finish at home.

After that we had some poetry readings. Susan had written a truly fabulous story relating to a drawing she had done of a women that is changing into a bird. I will ask her to post it. She has a natural talent for writing (on top of her other many talents).

It is so wonderful to have such creatively talented friends, and to spend such quality time with them.


Here’s a picture of the teaset with my 2 minute sketch, that deserves only to be thrown in the bin!


Jenny's quick sketches

Jenny’s quick sketches


Trevor’s musical installation.



When I was in Maryborough recently, I called in to Gatakers Artspace and upstairs in my favourite sculpture room was an installation by Trevor, of flood damaged musical instruments.
Stunning work! I will be encouraging Trevor to show this work elsewhere too! c