Big Sky

I was thrilled to bits to learn that Brett from the Bundaberg Writer’s Club had written a wonderful song, inspired by my ‘Big Sky’ painting.

Brett’s song is posted on Vimeo…Click Big Sky Dreaming to check it out.

Thanks Brett for the great song. You are inspiring me in return!

WBHD 2…another great success story for BRAG!

‘Sing your song songwriter…
wrap it in a big blue sky,

you give your words to me
tied up with ribbons and riffs

Big Sky Dreaming…
finding meaning.’

Big Sky


The green, green grass trees of home

Hi everyone, fun to be checking in for the first time on WBHDII and thought I’d post about what I’ve been working on for the last couple of months and where it’s headed. Actually, I don’t know where it’s headed… 02AWFebGrassTreeSite

These beautiful plants are Australian Grass Trees (Xanthorea species – I’m not sure what kind yet) and they cover a hillside about 100km (62m) from my home. There are some closer to home but not in such numbers as this site. They push up a tall, straight flower spike and remind me in some ways (if you squint and move back about a mile) of the Yukka I saw at White Sands in NM.

03AWFebGrassTreeSketches I’ve been sketching and painting these for a few months in preparation for a show in Brisbane in July, but also to see where it might all head for my WBHDII pieces. Sketching has been pretty minimal as the Australian summer makes for very unpleasant times. I went to the site 2 weeks ago and once I’d swatted away about 300 mosquitoes, then swallowed some flies visiting from adjoining cattle paddocks, the sun emerged and before I blacked out I made a vow to come back after summer.

So, some squiggly compositions did emerge and whilst none of the larger pieces are finished, there is some colour going down and I’m working through some ideas. Below is where I work, listen to bad tv and good music, drink lots of coffee, and talk to our dog. 01AWFebStudioGrassTrees

High tea somewhere over Bundaberg

High tea somewhere oner Bundaberg

The clean up

I have been working with some of the aerial photographs I took over Bundaberg recently. I didn’t expect the photos to be quite so bewitching. The landscape has mostly been to me, something you have to pass through in order to get from one significant place to another. That means hours and hours of hard scrappy, Aussie bush so boring that the Queensland transport bureau has erected signs asking the driver if you are ‘alert’! I have never been ‘alert’ in the Aussie bush.

I think the recent Bundaberg floods have compelled me to hear…and perhaps to really start listening as I have never done before.

Digital images

Mex7smI spent much of the day producing a number of digital prints.  I am not known for works that reference the landscape, however, since the recent devastating floods in Bundaberg, I have felt a strong need to create some.  The work shown here is a combination of some digital images and a photograph of a  3d assemblage overlayed with another photograph I took last week from a plane as I returned from Brisbane.  The rivers and narrow rivulets  were like a lacework  hemming the distant beaches. It was a beautiful and welcome sight, after having seen the brutal force of the floods.