Special Day

Dave and I made a journey to Maryborough to see Trevor and convey to him our condolences for his recent family bereavement. We passed on all of your kind messages. Trevor has returned to work, and although tired, we found that he was coping as well as one can in such difficult times.

Due to some very fortunate circumstances, Dave and I were to arrive in Maryborough on a day that many of the stately old homes and buildings, were to be opened to the public. Our guide, Trevor kindly escorted us for much of the day, filling us in with interesting anecdotes about the different places we visited.

Dave and I were able to see some of the superb public artworks that Trevor has created over the last few years. A stand out for me were the stunning metal pillars that lined the pavement leading to a local park. Each pillar inscribed with beautiful quotes from the writer of Mary Poppins, PL Travers, who was born in Maryborough. Each metal pillar was also inscribed with drawings produced by local children.

Truly enlightened works.

I won’t tell you more right now , as Dave will cover much of the detail of this wonderful day, with the addition of some great photos, shortly. Till soon. cx


Trevor’s musical installation.



When I was in Maryborough recently, I called in to Gatakers Artspace and upstairs in my favourite sculpture room was an installation by Trevor, of flood damaged musical instruments.
Stunning work! I will be encouraging Trevor to show this work elsewhere too! c