New York, New York Part II


I can’t remember if I mentioned this before, but 5 days just aren’t enough for a city like New York and although I now spent 10 days in this amazing city I have decided I need to come back next year if finances allow. There is still so much to do…..


This is a Graffiti sculpture along the High Line, very clever.

This time round Phil and I enjoyed spending time in the East Village, went to the Whitney and saw the Frank Stella Retrospective (amazing!!!), walked the High Line now covered in Autumn colours and stumbled into some amazing art galleries in Chelsea.


Amazing Frank Stella artworks and some of them are huge!!!!

We saw some breathtaking art at Sotheby’s, went to the Print and Artist Book exhibition at The Tunnel in Chelsea, enjoyed some live music at the Bowery Electric and went to a play at the Gene Frankel Theatre in Bond Street.  We also caught up with family friends, old work friends from Phil and Billie, my landlady during my first stay in New York. What can I say, we felt right at home!  We also had a glass of wine at Grand Central Station, walked to Times Square, saw Ground Zero and enjoyed many Happy Hours drinking Margaritas!  Poor Phil I made him walk for hours!


Amazing artworks in Chelsea galleries.


The High Line – beautiful in Autumn at 25 degrees Celcius! How lucky were we walking around in T-Shirts in NY in November!


That’s my man!


One World Tower….and Ground Zero



and did I mention I love all the Graffiti!

Again I re-discovered I am a city girl at heart and although I enjoyed my time in Las Cruces, I missed the buzz and noise and excitement of the big city. How will I cope in Bundy after this amazing trip???? I guess, work will keep me on my toes and I do have lots of plans for future artworks.

We are now in Chicago and this city is even more exciting than New York if that’s at all possible, but that’s something for my next blog.


Chicago from the river 🙂


2 thoughts on “New York, New York Part II

  1. Aha! Your pix make NY look like a city I might even want to see. Reared in Los Angeles, I am definitely a rural kinda gal now. Have never had any desire to see NY….too many people, too much everything for me. Chicago? Love the city, what little I know of it. Have been there twice. I can handle that one, ha. Where to once Chicago is under your belt?

  2. Marlies love this post this taster of NY all looks fabulous. Really love the Pink artwork, person under a veil from a Chelsea gallery. The graffiti off the wall in metal has a beauty and a presence funny how its more permanent yet at the same time has a more ethereal feel .. Phill strategically placed heh .. I’ll skip back to NY1 to check that out

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