are we all still here?

I’m wondering if I should continue to check this site daily or let it go. What do you guys think?

One more post (at least). I just sent this out in a blog to friends and galleries, consultants….ya never know. I used someone else’s base picture to drop in my own paintings. I’ll let you know if it does any good. Sales in the US are slow if non existent but it’s what I do so must keep the chin up.

3 setups I let them know that, though I work small I often am asked to upsize something similar….so…..


4 thoughts on “are we all still here?

  1. Hi Nolan. I just arrived back home in Bundy and I am still planning at least two more blogs about Chicago and Las Vegas. I might switch then to my own blog under my name. Burt i am happy to keep in touch via this blog depending on interest 🙂

  2. Will be fun to ready your Chicago/Vegas blogs. Seems no one else is around, dang. Glad you two got home safe to Bundy.

  3. With the exhibition coming off the walls of Unsettled and Brag our attention will turn to new deadlines and toward new opportunities, but connections made and friendships formed will endure.
    If we keep in touch though the blog with a few lines and images now and then to see each others new work and hear about new projects, share new techniques, ideas, whatever, would be great. Or start up a new blog a sort of casual drop in space for that purpose, introduce other artists from our regions if we wish.
    I hope to keep the connection with Unsettled. Who knows down the track we may find new ways to collaborate.
    I know I’ve been guilty of abandoning the blog over the past months so as I’d like to see it keep ticking over better start contributing heh

  4. Good idea to show how great a unique piece of art can look in a home Nolan, I’m tempted to apply to an online quality homeware site in Aus they do sell artwork and maybe a shopper browsing for a top end sofa might be persuaded to add an artwork to enhance their space. We need to find homes for our paintings there are so many more on the way heh

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