While housebound…


Latest one, inserting: THE WOODS ARE LOVELY, DARK….the woods are lovely, dark...

I’ve been caretaking my injured husband for nearly a month now and have finally gotten time to do some paintings on paper on ‘your’ art table, Adrienne, in our living room. So far, with all the snow that fell on us last week, I’ve done landscapes of snow! I NEVER do landscapes, so this has been an eye opener and rather fun and rather difficult, too. Put up my attempts on facebook and also sent out a blog from my website and have even sold one. Of course now I’m in a quandary because the fellow who is buying the first one, may want to exchange for the 3rd one and I’m not sure I’ll let him. He’ll buy one of them anyway, so no worries.

Has that ever happened to one of you? How did you handle it? I know the newer one he wants is much more accessible for viewers, thus, more salable. hmmmmmmmmmmm, what to do, what to do?

All 22×30 inches, acrylic, ink, crayon and graphite on paper.



MY SUN EVERY MORNINGmy sun every morning


WEST COUNTRY SONG (sold unless I let him select another)west country song site


4 thoughts on “While housebound…

  1. These are beautiful , I’m especially drawn to silence in the snowy field, feels like there is something secreted away under the snow

  2. ah, seems to be everyone’s favorite so far. Just finished another I’ll add to this later today. The fellow who ‘bought’ the one with the house wants to ‘exchange’ for the one you like. What to do? Guess I’ll let him do it.

  3. I do whatever I can to make people happy with my art, as that’s what it is all about. They will all find good homes someday with people who love them, so not to worry too much about the money when you are making quality art. You’ll be rewarded.

    The buyer of my “Twisted Gum” painting, originally reserved the “End of the Beach” painting that had just preceded it. So I’m very familiar with this scenario.

  4. but, Dave….I do that WHEN I’m not represented by galleries…then, I feel I cannot under sell them UNLESS it is older work that would never go into a gallery with new work. We like happy collectors AND happy gallery owners.

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