Across the Creek & last one: West Country

There’s such a good feeling to have painted a ‘pretty’ painting then obliterate it. I think it’s called FREEDOM. haha

Good news…got an email from the creative dir. at the publishing house and he LOVES this….that means money for a TIFF of it and I still get to sell the original. whew. It all helps.

This series is, I believe finished on paper pieces….on to larger canvas renditions…more abstract, I’m hoping.


ode to silence site22×30 acrylic on paper. Not just Titanium White, VanDyke Brown and Lamp Black…I added RED. ha. To be abstracted when it goes to canvas…somehow.

WEST COUNTRYwest country



22×30 Inches, acrylic and ink on paper.listen carefullyCan’t wait to get to the larger canvasses on this series. Hopefully before spring!

WOW, just showed this to a publishing house art director I work with for greeting cards and he wants a version for a set of note cards. Those ‘dots’ will be in foil….should be fun!

While housebound…


Latest one, inserting: THE WOODS ARE LOVELY, DARK….the woods are lovely, dark...

I’ve been caretaking my injured husband for nearly a month now and have finally gotten time to do some paintings on paper on ‘your’ art table, Adrienne, in our living room. So far, with all the snow that fell on us last week, I’ve done landscapes of snow! I NEVER do landscapes, so this has been an eye opener and rather fun and rather difficult, too. Put up my attempts on facebook and also sent out a blog from my website and have even sold one. Of course now I’m in a quandary because the fellow who is buying the first one, may want to exchange for the 3rd one and I’m not sure I’ll let him. He’ll buy one of them anyway, so no worries.

Has that ever happened to one of you? How did you handle it? I know the newer one he wants is much more accessible for viewers, thus, more salable. hmmmmmmmmmmm, what to do, what to do?

All 22×30 inches, acrylic, ink, crayon and graphite on paper.



MY SUN EVERY MORNINGmy sun every morning


WEST COUNTRY SONG (sold unless I let him select another)west country song site

Merry Holidays, artists and everyone.

So, haven’t been here in awhile and looks like no one else has, either. But, just a note to say I’ll miss ya, Trudie.

Another note to say I’ll miss the rest of you since this blog seems to be over. It’s been a pleasure.

Additional note to say my hunnybunny, WinklerCakes is better day by day from his BIG fall and broken bones (ladder, tree, don’t ask), so life is looking better for us daily.

Last note to say however you spend your holiday and whichever holiday you celebrate: MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU.



are we all still here?

I’m wondering if I should continue to check this site daily or let it go. What do you guys think?

One more post (at least). I just sent this out in a blog to friends and galleries, consultants….ya never know. I used someone else’s base picture to drop in my own paintings. I’ll let you know if it does any good. Sales in the US are slow if non existent but it’s what I do so must keep the chin up.

3 setups I let them know that, though I work small I often am asked to upsize something similar….so…..

Saturday morn, talking to meself, I think. haha


Sometimes, I put up my first cuppa of the day on my facebook page. This was today’s. I won’t make it a habit here, but will share today. Left is a small card art by Truth or Consequences, New Mexico artist, Susan Christie. Next to it is a postcard art by Sacramento, California artist James Gasowski…see the sweet worm? My first try at sculpture. Alas, I paint.

Have a swell weekend and think about keeping this blog going for another week or two or….

a ‘free’ commissioned piece. ha

I was invited to join 6 other artists to ‘illustrate/paint to’ one of 7 winning essays that were selected by  the Wonder Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which is owned by the BEST ex art dealer in that beautiful city. It was an honour for me to be invited. The piece will eventually go into a book with other essays and images. It isn’t really ‘free’…if anyone wants it they’ll have to pay me the usual price. ha. Just ‘free’ for the show and to go into the book. Will be fun to see what others did. Mine is about a 14 year old whiz of a young woman…reader, competitive swimmer, trying to blend in teen who wears lavendar cat eye sunglasses…. This one is called: THE BOOK OF DAISY (her name)…24×24 inches, 61x61cm….acrylic, graphite and crayon on canvas.


Whew, sent it to the curator and owner of the Wonder Institute and she said it was PERFECT for the essay. wheeeee

Friends come, then they leave ya…

Had a wonderful nearly 24 hours here with Murray and Adrienne. I even charged up the battery in my camera then totally forgot about it so no pictures, dang. Dave Sorensen joined us for dinner and laughs, too. Then, everyone dragging tired but Dave (he did have a bit of a drive home), we hit the hay pretty late and woke up late. ha. My fabulous breakfast cooking skills brought us oatmeal….who could want for more? Well Murray and Adrienne had a bit of room left for their toast and that salt stuff, Vegemite. ha again.

Will miss those two for sure.

Once back to ‘normal’ life, I found all the food they left in our fridge, not to mention vino and milk…. Thanks, kids! Then to the studio to refinish my latest HIGH DESERT HAIKU, using a bit of the Australian Red Gold ms. Adrienne left me, too. Thanks again.

Dreaming of water

in the high desert of need.

The ground drinks the rain.

high desert haiku site

Wednesday….a day for interesting posts, says I!

I am overwhelmed by Adrienne’s and Marlies’ posts today. Wonderful.

I have not so much to say re: meself, but I do have a funny article written by friend/author Todd Walton. He used one of my latest paintings to ‘illustrate’ it. Dang…I see I cannot load it as a visual….so please click on the below then click on the next thing they show. Worth it, we laughed aloud 4 times while reading it.

graphic novel