22×30 Inches, acrylic and ink on paper.listen carefullyCan’t wait to get to the larger canvasses on this series. Hopefully before spring!

WOW, just showed this to a publishing house art director I work with for greeting cards and he wants a version for a set of note cards. Those ‘dots’ will be in foil….should be fun!


3 thoughts on “LISTEN CAREFULLY

  1. This image is very beautiful .. elegant .. I have never seen snow for real

  2. Just went back to ‘Silence in the snowy field’ , wondering what is it about that work and ‘listen carefully’ that charms me, draws me in. Although the others are thier equals with some Intriguing facets, maybe it’s the quietness I feel in these two artworks, almost saddness but peacefull.

  3. Well, Susan, snow doesn’t look like what I’ve painted BUT the feeling in those two you mentioned IS the feeling of quiet snow. thanks for noticing that. Peaceful is a good description of snowfall (when it’s not a blizzard, of course). Our snow is now gone but expecting more in two days. I’ll have more to paint then. I am anxious to get back tot he studio for some larger paintings on canvas for this series. I’ll use the smaller ones as inspiration. Will be fun to see if I can abstract them a bit more. When I did the pattern on the LISTEN CAREFULLY one, I was about 1/3 way into the pattern and I thought of Australian natives and their beautiful art. Must have been there in a past life, eh?

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