So, we had our WB/HD luncheon yesterday and got things settled somewhat on the shipping part of the thing. And it made me change my entire idea of sending pieces…I have decided, since mine are so small, to make them diptychs so will have more of a presence in the space. And now? To continue the NM series for the Las Cruces gallery…haha…and I thought I was finished. This is my work on the wall at the moment in the gallery. I’ve added the titles. All are mixed media on panels, 24″x 24″ each.


2 thoughts on “Unsettled

  1. Hi Nolan, a colleague introduced me to your work about a year and a half ago and I was so happy to meet you at your Unsettled group show this year on the heels of your installation at the Las Cruces Museum of Art. Now I find myself privileged to see some of your newly hatched work for WBHD. I consider it good fortune to be working with you and our gang on Team New Mexico. CC

  2. aw, Carey, thanks for that. Especially nice to know someone actually introduced someone to my work! And, I’m happy to be involved in this project with you. Matter of fact, I’m now thinking the two pieces I showed you are now a diptych and the other two I’ve done, the same. Now, I’m excited to do a couple of rolled to ship paintings on either canvas or paper. What to do, what to do….exciting.

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