Merry Holidays, artists and everyone.

So, haven’t been here in awhile and looks like no one else has, either. But, just a note to say I’ll miss ya, Trudie.

Another note to say I’ll miss the rest of you since this blog seems to be over. It’s been a pleasure.

Additional note to say my hunnybunny, WinklerCakes is better day by day from his BIG fall and broken bones (ladder, tree, don’t ask), so life is looking better for us daily.

Last note to say however you spend your holiday and whichever holiday you celebrate: MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU.




4 thoughts on “Merry Holidays, artists and everyone.

  1. And a wonderful festive season to you Nolan !!!
    Think I’ll put up one more post tween xmas and the new year
    back soon

  2. well, good, Susan….I hope more do, too. I’m a 24/7 caretaker for the next month…so no fine art being done. But, maybe I’ll find something to share, ha. Aha, just thought of a beautiful image for our winter season.

  3. I’m not done yet, but the blog to-do keeps getting bumped of late.

  4. Nolan, Season’s greetings to you and Winkler. I was going to get up a ladder yesterday to deal with a blocked tank pipe, but it started raining. After hearing your news, I think I will hire someone to do the job. So sorry to hear that. I hope he is a good patient.

    Trudie has returned my paintings and your canvas also to my place in Bundaberg. Can’t wait to see it close up on my wall!….but I probably won’t get back to Bundy till early January.

    Yes, Trudie will be sorely missed at BRAG.

    Best wishes to you both. cx

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