a few new paintings

a few small 30 x 30 cm acrylic paintings I’m obsessed with this size at the moment.

Thinking of going through my printing draw and cutting up some prints to recycle into paintings



4 thoughts on “a few new paintings

  1. I’m loving these new paintings, Susan. Hope Unsettled held onto your two, way too inexpensive pieces, that were in the show. Those birds are winning my heart in the above piece. Brava.

  2. Thanks Nolan and Dave … think I should stay painting these odd creatures for a bit just let them have their way. I can be frivolous and have trouble staying on one track and exploring it in depth.
    Yes Nolan they are staying awhile at Unsettled I was pleased Catherine was willing to keep them in the gallery and am hoping to send more from time to time.

  3. so glad Catherine kept them ’cause if my ship ever comes in, one of them has our name on it. sigh. Big IF, but ya never know. Ha. Actually I’m trying one by one to reduce our collection by selling pieces off, but….

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