a few new paintings

a few small 30 x 30 cm acrylic paintings I’m obsessed with this size at the moment.

Thinking of going through my printing draw and cutting up some prints to recycle into paintings



11th hour change

landscape 2 sm landscape sm

Last week I was looking at two small canvasses recently painted with red earth and blue sky and decided to cut them free of their stretchers, adhere them to boards I’d prepared for encaustic and applied a few layers of wax. Seeing the painting through the wax was not unlike looking out onto the landscape through heat haze and I liked the texture. After adding some Japanese tissue paper, fabric, some incising, their names, ‘Early Moon’ and ‘Coy Moon’, jumped out at me for a change. These latecomers will now be part of our wbhd show!

Wreck Rock paintings

These 3 small canvasses started life as seascapes on the first afternoon camping at Wreck Rock. Remnants of the colour and atmosphere of that cold overcast day still remain but for better or worse the paintings are now overrun by the odd creatures that wheedle their onto the canvas as I paint.
I believe the first one is finished, she makes me smile. The second, with the shell I found on the beach is maybe mmm almost there, a bit bleak. The third has a way to go yet but I’m clinging on to that sea and moody sky in the bottom half.
Because these paintings still have a direct connection with the landscape I’m thinking of using two of them for wbhd Bundaberg instead of the encaustic works I posted on the blog early on .. maybe I’ll leave that decision to Trudie and Jen.

wreck rock 1 wreck rock 2 wreck rock 3

4a 5

Have been away a while, with only intermittent internet!  Started these two little canvases. No names chosen for them yet but I’m thinking of myself in the role of ‘introduced species’. I think these will be for Unsettled as I’m apprehensive about sending encaustics just a little fearful the wax might rework itself along the way

white boat for blog

Not sure I haven’t overworked this one. The half circles are targets from a game found at the dump years ago. I used some in the WBHD books last time and here they are again playing a wheel in the first painting and a boat this time .. moving targets maybe .. maybe the next one can be a New Mexico sun ..

Back again! making up for lost time.

Started another encaustic today, this one about the beach. We visit Woodgate beach often it’s only  half an hour from Childers.
After a few layers of wax and oil paint, transferred the small hand a laser print of a drawing, drew the shell in the wax and rubbed oil paint into it. Now what beach secret can I dream up to take centre stage .. it’s a small stage, these works are 30 x 30 cm

Time for an afternoon wine now.