Across the Creek & last one: West Country

There’s such a good feeling to have painted a ‘pretty’ painting then obliterate it. I think it’s called FREEDOM. haha

Good news…got an email from the creative dir. at the publishing house and he LOVES this….that means money for a TIFF of it and I still get to sell the original. whew. It all helps.

This series is, I believe finished on paper pieces….on to larger canvas renditions…more abstract, I’m hoping.


ode to silence site22×30 acrylic on paper. Not just Titanium White, VanDyke Brown and Lamp Black…I added RED. ha. To be abstracted when it goes to canvas…somehow.

WEST COUNTRYwest country



22×30 Inches, acrylic and ink on paper.listen carefullyCan’t wait to get to the larger canvasses on this series. Hopefully before spring!

WOW, just showed this to a publishing house art director I work with for greeting cards and he wants a version for a set of note cards. Those ‘dots’ will be in foil….should be fun!

Feb 5: Date claimer for little pieces of New Mexico in Maryborough

Hellooooooo from Mt Perry.

Friday night, February 5, will be the opening of ‘Road to Somewhere’ at Gatakers Artspace in Maryborough.

Jenny Gilbertson and I have been meeting since early 2014 to plan a show of small works about New Mexico. When I say ‘meeting’, well, a coffee here, a margarita there, several good excuses for trips to see Trevor, a project, a panic, a postponement: finally we’re there… well, when I say ‘there’…

We have the venue, the guitarist, and a show of works all 20cm high and we hope you can all come and bring everyone you know and paint the town Turquoise! (Too much? 😀 )
And last week Jenny constructed our beautiful opening night piñata – you wanna see that for certain! So fun to watch her deftly weave this piece together. More gratuitous plugging to come 🙂

Crafts person Cam

Cane frame swings hypnotically.

Piñata masterclass.

Apt tee.


Hanging out for a good whacking!

White Sands, saguaro cacti, and prickly pears take shape on my desk.

And shape shifting cacti, retablos and Southwest icons fill Jenny’s studio.

Lovely to be home but still ‘be’ in New Mexico.