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Just dropping in to say I went into the studio to lay the first layer on a new, black gessoed canvas and instead started changing 3 of my previous panels….just making some areas not quite as ‘timid’ as they were. Now to reshoot, exchange them on my website….. yi yi yi yi. I love making paintings. Someone once said ‘history will tell you if it is art.’ Think that quote deserves another…..yi yi yi yi.


“Vernacular” Mind Bend

Read about this foundation in a recent New Yorker article: http://soulsgrowndeep.org

Southern United States and African American, not South Western, but resonates with Winkler and Trevor object/assemblages and some of the other collage/layered images of WBHD. Some mind bending work however you define it. CC

PopEx Refrigerator

PopEx Agave

With our WBHD works in transit, Dave’s Artist IN Residency just getting underway and Adrienne’s trip weeks out posting some a new work here and maybe more if I have a good holiday weekend ahead. This is to paste up on our virtual refrigerator. Good ‘ol 24″ square. Acrylic pint, spray enamel, crayon on canvas.

Greetings from Seal Rocks

Had a great night camping, then morning hike along the beach at Seal Rocks, in Myall Lakes Nat Park.  One more night with friends in Kendall NSW, then it’s back into the bushland (smells, sounds, and light…loving it!)  Already have a few good subject-matter photos in the bag for when at BRAG, but so far too busy traveling to do any plein air work.  I’ve already got a few referrals of relatives in Bburg area to our show, as I chat my way up NSW coastline.






ImageI have 3 of my Range Grass paintings on paper curated into a show at the little museum in Kingston, NM, this weekend and for the next month or two. This one is the same size as all….image is approx 9.5 inches x 12.25 inches. No glass, wheee. Hate to put glass over paintings on paper. I believe the title is BUNCH GRASS / DARK SHADOW. or something similar. Older work leaning on newer work. I’m also painting ‘common ground’ on the wall above everyone’s (6 artists invited) work. =]

lost post…trying again. studio stuff.


NM paintings rolled and at the ready.


older near black and white painting with newer crayon colors.


wall above calligraphy/illustration light table. Missing the 9 peacocks that were next door 20 years ago. As of last year…0. waaaa


as you walk into studio near door. Edith Piaf on the phone…my first painting of her. SOLD, wheee.


next to the last pix….an old art postcard of a monotyped nude I did while under the supreme influence of teacher, Nathan Oliveira. Small grass monotype that art consultants I work with printed into 36″ prints!


and just for fun…Winkler told me he’d put up a wind meter. So I had to go check it out. He’s a keeper!

So, multiple photos with text…a first for me. wow

wbhd Las Cruces pieces


wbhd Las Cruces pieces

Since Trudie has asked for pix of them for the catalogue….not easy as they are unstretched, but…. left: Summer Aspiration. right: Winter Aspiration. Most pieces for this show are about something near and dear to New Mexicans: w a t e r! Though a couple in the diptych drawings sent to Bundaberg are not. 50/50. Now all I need to know from Trudie or any of you…is what SIZE you need pix for the catalogue….300dpi? measurement/height? … CMYK or RGB color?…

Dates for your diaries

Hi all,

Its not long now till our High Desert artist Dave Sorenson arrives in Bundaberg to undertake a residency with us at BRAG. We are hosting two social get togethers for artists in our region to meet Dave and hear about the Las Cruces art scene. So pencils out people… we really hope you can join us for one or both of these events:

– Artist Dinner,  Friday the 27th of September, 6pm, Access Studio, Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery.

– Artist Lunch, Tuesday the 1st of October, 12 noon, Childers Arts Space, Balcony.

These will be informal occasions, to share a meal and welcome Dave. Please BYO drinks,  and a plate to share. All welcome but  please RSVP to Trudie.Leigo@bundaberg.qld.gov.au if you would like to attend either of these events.

Thanks everyone, I will be in touch with other details of Dave’s visit and the lead up to the exhibition opening of Wide Bay – High Desert.



A question about sculpture and crafts… comments welcome.

Here in Mt P we have an annual art show which attracts over 200 entries from hobbyists and some professional level artists. It’s coming up on the first weekend of September and coincides with another major cultural event ‘The Mt Perry Dump Truck Pull’, which does literally involve teams of people pulling a very large mining truck down the main street for glory and charity. It’s worth noting they raise about $12k each year which is pretty nifty for a tiny town. When people have finished slowly moving massive pieces of machinery, we try to encourage them to come to the hall and see the art and have some rather fine baked goodies.

I digress…

Today I was asked if a hand made bound book could be put into our sculpture section. And I couldn’t answer very articulately and wondered if anyone had any thoughts? I saw the book and it’s beautiful, but seemed more a craft item as it didn’t have any ‘content’ or conceptual basis … and clumsily explained this. But I wonder if anyone has some comments that would help explain the position.

I found this on the British Arts Council website:

The current dictionary definition of sculpture as ‘the art or process of creating representational or abstract forms, either in the round or in relief’, does not tell the whole story.  This notion was first challenged over forty years ago when new practices and a greater diversity in the range and use of materials extended the vocabulary.  The term can now be said to encompass installation, land art, body art, performance art, text-based work, photography and video, as well as the three-dimensional art object.