Meeting Dave

BRAG-Chris posing

BRAG-DDS pose with bridgit

BRAG-Chris at laptop

Attached are a few pics Dave took on his phone Thursday evening after his return from Mt Perry.

I had wanted to come to the gallery to test the wall in the carpark for its suitability to show some projections.

Dave was most helpful with the setting up and marking out of positions for the tripod. We took these photos to mark the occasion. Although the images look fairly big here, they were not of a scale to suit me. So, I was unable to do a projection at BRAG for the dinner party.

I will have another test run happening elsewhere next week, so Dave may be able to come and see that.

We had a very nice welcoming dinner for Dave on the Friday night. He gave a short talk about his life and his artwork. I was very interesting to hear of all he has crammed into his life so far….quite incredible, and more to come!!

I’m looking forward to Dave coming to visit me at Dirty Linen. cx


He’s one of the locals now…

Mt Perry Hospitality Step 1 – expedition 1: Wait until it’s over 36˚C (96.8˚F) before heading outdoors with visitor. Climb up small ridge to bottle tree for cups of tea.


Step 2 – keeping cool: Reward visitor with quintessentially Queensland public bar at the Mulgildie Hotel. Complete with backpacker staff and a couple of delightful ol’ timers at the bar who helped us put the puppy in the coolest, shadiest spot.

Cold beer, cow bar mat, donations for the Mulgildie Bunyip Art Comp… this made up for the weird salad we were served.

080_AW_13 079_AW_13

Step 3 – camp kitchens: We then returned to Casa del Williams to cook Dave a wonderful Asian spicy noodle and seafood meal which turned into prawns on the barbie as a storm delivered a power blackout and we made chilli lemon prawns and fish on the camp stove on the verandah. Seafood all caught by the ‘Nearest’.

I’m sure Dave will talk more about Step 4 – expedition 2 – the lovely, gentle little bush stroll we took him on the next day… where we introduced him to the weeds Lantana and Cobblers Pegs, but also to milk bottles (my favourite Aussie sweet). We did managed to deliver him to his welcome dinner at BRAG in plenty of time.

Additional New Mexican artworks


Additional New Mexican artworksJesse Reinhard sticker-Smuggling Aliens-2013

So, with many thanks to Peggy and Dave for their generous gifts, I would like to share 2 little artworks that have just found a home in Childers: the beautiful enameled brooch is by the very talented Margaret Berrier; and ‘Smuggling Aliens into New Mexico’ is by the amazing Jesse Reinhard, both Las Cruces based artists. Very happy Jen 🙂 🙂 🙂



Dave!! This is THE kookaburra! Maybe it’s something about being named ‘Murray‘?

In Blackdown 2 weeks ago, our Murray was nursing a nice little Tasmanian triple brie on a biscuit, moving it towards his face, and kooka swept in and speared through the brie. Then he had to sit on a log and tap his beak enough times for it to all fall off and be gobbled. We then developed hand-sheilding techniques to get food to our mouths before he moved on to the next campers.

This shot was the morning after, eyeing off our friends cooking sausages. Kooka is an old hand at this gig!

Art on the trail

While the rather intense pace of travel and hikes across 6 parks in less than 10 days didn’t allow for much down time, I did get in a couple of sketching sessions, trying out my new papers from Oxlades art supply in Brisbane.  One was successful, the other not so (hence not showing final product).  One of the creative challenges was keeping alert for the foraging Kookaburas and Currawongs around the campsites.  They almost snatched a sanger right out of mate, Murray’s hand, yet got a surprise when my former Marine training almost resulted in roast Kook for tea on the next pass. After that standoff, we were left in peace.


Campsite in Bunya Mountains National Park.




Blackdown Tablelands “studio”.




Peggy & Joel Brown Charts 1

We were delighted last week to have a visit from Peggy Brown and her husband Joel. In their very brief trip to Australia, they found an opportunity to come to Bundaberg to visit. Apart form a lovely dinner, we also found the time to zip them out to Childers so they could see where the exhibition will be held.

And as we speak Dave Sorensen is settling in to our Artist In Residence apartment at BRAG. Still cant believe we have managed to see two out of four of the Las Crucians over here! Nolan and Carey your turn next!